Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Home

In the kitchen, Mom guardian put our wonderful fluffy warm bed in a place where our mother felt comfortable to nurse us. She placed nice blankets on one side and the papers and ‘potty pads’ on the other side. Moon loved to sleep in the white circle, and sometimes she was hard to see so white on white. What was great about where it was placed left a neat little cave along the backside and under the ledge of the counters where we could hide and be safe from… well, anything that may have swooped on us in the dark. The only problem was that I wasn’t the only one that thought it a great place to sleep. It got downright crowded at times.
Mom guardian brought me this great toy. It was blue, and the texture tickled my tongue as I chewed on it. It looked sort of like a soft stick with a dog head on one end and nubs on the other that resembled legs and tail. If I bit it hard enough on the head or tail, it would squeal! It did not sound like my siblings, this sounded like prey! Oh was it fun! I chewed and chewed and each time it squealed I would try harder! After a long time though, I got sleepy and that rat Xena took my toy! Philistine!
Xena would not give my toy back when I asked her for it. Mom guardian merely smiled when I told her that I was the Princess and that I should get all the toys. I don’t think she understood my protests. Their language is so different from ours. So I took matters into my own paws and launched an offensive to reclaim my lost property. It didn’t end well.
Xena could have it, I wanted the pink ball squeaky anyway.

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