Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Adventures of Princess Squeaker Part 3

Dog Pile

The world was bigger outside the kitchen, my guardian used to carry me to den and let me play there. Every once in a while she’d take me to the open place that was oh-so-cold. It was bigger than anything imaginable, with no roof and white stuff covered the ground. She called it ‘outside’, and my guardian would praise and pet me if I went ‘potty’ out there. It made her very happy, so I went potty outside as often as I could. After going potty outside, she would bring me back ‘inside’ and give me a treat. But sometimes I couldn’t wait to go outside and went on the papers she put on the floor. She also praised me for going on the papers, but didn’t pet me or give me a treat. If I missed the paper, she would look disappointed and didn’t say a thing. It made me feel terrible and I tried very hard to get on the papers when I couldn’t go outside.

Every morning our Mom guardian would make a bowl of food mixed with water, and call us over to eat. Once we ate she would take us outside two at a time. After all of us had been outside, she would give us a treat of a milk mixed with powder she called ‘puppy milk’ that was oh so good. Pushing my siblings aside, I would try to drink as much as I could. But they were all bigger than me, and a lot of time I would get pushed out of the bowl. Mom guardian would pick me up, kiss my forehead, and make me a private bowl outside the ‘enclosure’ of the kitchen. To show my appreciation, I would lick up every drop, and then cuddle into her lap with a big sigh of contentment. Most times I would fall asleep as she pet me and made me feel good all over.

At the edge of our enclosure big dogs would gather, and sometimes they scared me, other times I wanted to play with them. The hairy one with the gentle face I learned was my father. He would often come and touch noses with me, and sniff me over the gate.

Sometimes he would lick my face and it made me feel happy. I would run around, and call out to him to play. But he would look at me with sad eyes. He wanted to play, but he was afraid of hurting us. So I would jump and scrabble with my hind legs, trying to get over the barrier, and finally I did!

Christmas was watching me, and imitated exactly what I did, and she escaped too! We ran around the big area like mad, sniffing out every corner! We were so happy, we played and played, and found neat things to chew on although we argue-played over who got to chew on what. Mom guardian found us though, and after a good laugh, she picked us up and put us back in the enclosure. She sat with us for a time, petting and playing with us before she gathered up some things and left. It was hours she was gone, but Dad guardian and James guardian came and spent time with us. It just wasn’t the same, but we were happy to be with them.

What seemed a lifetime later, and the window to outside was dark when she came home. We were all so happy! We couldn’t wait to see her! We howled and jumped at the gate, and Christmas and I whined until we were able to climb out then ran to greet her! She smiled and picked us up, hugging us as we licked her face. She sat with us and I sat in her lap defending it from my siblings that wanted to steal her attention. Moon grabbed my ear, and Elvis grabbed my tail, and we tumbled onto the floor. Mom guardian laughed in delight as I struggled to get them off from me. As soon as I was free, I ran and grabbed that stinker Christmas that crawled in to her lap in my absence. Rotten siblings! Raawrrrr!

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