Friday, March 9, 2012

Tribute to G'kar

I stand here at the end of your days

It hurts to see your eyes full of pain and haze

You still look to me with love

A pleading to at last rise above

The mortal shell was just a passing phaze

I say goodbye to you, my closest and best friend

My greatest responsibility to see your agony end.

But as I look, I see the pup chasing the ball

When did spring ever change to fall?

Gray creeps through your fur, each red hair in silver blends.

You ask me with eyes that barely see

To finally allow you to run free

away from the prison life has become

Valkrys beckons for you to come

Beyond the veil, across the bridge, beyond the sea.

My selfish heart wants you to stay

But how could I ask that when misery holds sway

To love so deeply I must let go

Before I do, I want you to know

You will be in my heart forever and a day

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